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Our roof repair services are performed by highly trained employees, not subcontractors! We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and we also provide emergency roof repair services 24 hours a day in Topanga, CA area. With over 30 years of experience diagnosing roof leaks and common repairs we can repair them at lower prices than other companies and we can usually provide you with pricing for roof repair services over the phone! Just contact us at (310) 904-6761 for your needed roof repair services!

Roofing ContractorOnce you call us we will usually diagnose the problem over the phone, then send out one of our technicians to do the roof repair services. If we find another problem or the phone estimate is incorrect, we will call you with an estimate. If you agree to have us do the work one of our technicians perform the roof repair services while on site, or leave you a written estimate. All of our employees are covered with full insurance coverage, workers compensation and excellent company benefits, not minimum wage, low paid laborers. Simply stated what we do is fix your leaking roof!

Our roofing estimator’s have the experience and product knowledge to offer you the right roof system at the right price.

by Paul V. Hawley on Four Season's Roofing

The staff was very professional and organized. They found the roof problem we had very fast and managed to repair it really quickly. The estimate was reasonable and understandable. These guys will always be my roofing specialists.

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Our roof repair services are available in Topanga county California. Most roof repair services or roofing companies like ours can easily fix leaking roofs, depending on how severe the damage to the roof is. By locating the general area of the roof leak on your home the problem can be isolated and fixed fairly easily. Below you can find common terms for most causes of roof leaks so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the information a contractor is giving you, then you can make an educated decision on who you hire to perform the roof repair services.

Our roofing division is trained and experienced in every aspect of roof construction, from re-roofing to new construction, with special attention given to ensuring your roof investment meets its manufacturer’s life expectancy. Roof services has many years of experience in the application of below grade waterproofing systems. Our trained waterproofing experts can assist you in creating usable space from below grade areas of your building.

We do this by following four basic principles; Provide Quality Workmanship, Have Extensive Product Knowledge, Pay Attention to Detail and Charge a Fair Price.

Four Seasons Roofing - Topanga
Address: 353 S Topanga Canyon Blvd Topanga, CA 90290
Phone: (310) 904-6761

On the roofYou’re ensured to receive quality materials from leading industry manufacturers coupled with the highest quality workmanship from our trained and experienced roofing technicians. Each employee in our team has extensive knowledge of commercial and residential roofing materials & systems. They know every aspect of the installation process and pay attention to the minute details that will reduce you leak liability, extend your roof’s life expectancy and lower your roof’s life-cycle costs.

The installation of a roof may seem easy however this activity requires great knowledge and expertise apart from being physically capable in getting these things done. So, if you are in the lookout for proper roof service and maintenance then Four Seasons Roofing - Topanga as an roofing contractor is just what you may need. Check out more about our company!

 It is not advisable to have confidence in all of the roofing contractors that you may encounter. A lot of them are only after your money. They will impose an expensive fee and will do a low quality job in return. I know that no one wants this. You can get a good roofing service if you take these things into consideration:

  • They should be legally permitted to do roof services. They should possess a license to operate as evidence that the company is legalized. Also, verify if they are registered by checking out Better Business Bureau and if possible, try to find out if they are continually paying their bonds.
  • Insurance. Each company should have this. Employee’s compensation and the liability coverage are some things that should be included in the policy. This will be of great help for you once an accident happens. If ever they have destroyed a part of your home or cut your electricity, the insurance will be the one responsible in fixing all the damages done. It’s critical to take note of the date of its effectively. The period should last until the project is done.
  • They should have a very good working attitude. Attitude represents a critical role in achieving your desired roof job. One of the good sign of a Four Seasons Roofing - Topanga is its potential to meet the client’s demands. For this to happen, they should learn how to listen to all your wishes and suggestions. It would be better yet if you know how to listen to them in return.
  • Previous background. A good basis to determine the effectiveness of the company is through references. You can get this sort of information by asking the feed backs of their previous clients.
  • Premium quality of supplies. You will know more about the supplies just by identifying who the suppliers are.